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Eyelash Lamination

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Brooklyn

Service Description

About Eyelash lamination is a beauty treatment that involves lifting, curling, and setting the natural eyelashes using a perming solution and special adhesive. The process is similar to a lash lift, but instead of creating a curl, it produces a lifted, separated, and fanned-out look for the lashes. The treatment typically takes about an hour to complete and involves several steps. First, the eyelashes are cleaned and brushed, and a special adhesive is applied to a silicone pad that is placed on the eyelid. The lashes are then carefully separated and lifted onto the pad using a small brush. A perming solution is applied to the lashes, and they are left to set for a specific amount of time. After the perming solution is removed, a neutralizer is applied to the lashes to stop the perming process. The silicone pad is removed, and a conditioning treatment is applied to the lashes to keep them healthy and nourished. The result is a lifted and defined lash line that lasts for several weeks. Eyelash lamination can be a great alternative to lash extensions or false lashes for those who want to enhance the natural beauty of their lashes without the maintenance and potential damage of other treatments. However, it's important to find a trained and experienced professional to perform the treatment to avoid any potential risks or complications.

Contact Details

  • Brooklyn, NY, USA


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