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Fashion trends in any area of our life are very fleeting and very quickly become forgotten. However, the classic style of makeup, characterized by naturalness and naturalness, will always be popular. Even if you have problematic skin or eyelashes that are not very thick, knowing some of the subtleties of applying cosmetics, you can look well-groomed and attractive. What do you need to know to do classic makeup? Makeup artists reveal professional secrets.

Secret 1. Preparing the skin Properly prepared skin is the key to stunning success. First of all, it is necessary to remember that a person is 80% water. If your skin is too dry and looks sluggish, you should increase the amount of fluid consumed per day and get enough sleep. During morning water treatments, pay special attention to cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

Secret 2. Apply a light tone your face must have a natural color. You can use a toning moisturizer, not a thick foundation to achieve this effect. It should be applied using a sponge, or with your fingertips. If you decide to use a tonal foundation, observe the measure and spread it over the entire surface with a thin layer using a brush.

Secret 3. Creating a natural blush With due attention, approach the question of choosing blush. First of all, determine your skin tone. If it is light, give preference to pink shades, if the skin is dark, choose peach tones, brown-pink blush will suit dark skin. Do not use radiant blush, so as not to disturb your skin's natural tone.

Secret 4. We use concealer correctly So that your image is as natural as possible, apply concealer only in certain places: in the area around the eyes, and under the eyebrows. It can also be used as a base for shadows. By the way, applying concealer to the outer corners of the lips will avoid spreading lipstick.

Secret 5. Experts strongly recommend using brown mascara with an elongating effect and twisting the eyelashes with special tweezers to create the eyes' natural beauty.

Secret 6. Forget about eyeliner The use of eyeliner is appropriate only for bright expressive makeup and for creating scenic images.

Secret 7. We use neutral lipstick To complete the natural makeup, and gently emphasize the lips. To do this, you need to apply a foundation, and then a lipstick or gloss, which should be a little brighter than the shade of your lips. At first, glance, making natural makeup is easier than ever. However, as you could see, this is a very painstaking task and requires certain skills and knowledge. You have already familiarized yourself with the basic basics, now you can put them into practice.

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